martedì 9 gennaio 2007

Classical Music Gemini's A-B

Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni 14 June 1671-Venice
Mikhael Glinka ! June 1804-Russia
Robert Schumann 8 June 1810-Austria
Robert Wagner 22 May 1813-
Charles Gounod 17 June 1818-Paris
Jacques Offenbach 21 June 1819-Cologne
Edvard Hagerup Grieg 15 June 1843-Norway
Sir Edward Elgar 2 June 1857-Worcester
Richard Strauss 11 June 1864-Munich
Carl Nielsen 9 June 1865-Denmark
Igor Stravinsky 17 June 1882-
Aram Ilyich Khachaturian 6 June 1903-Armenia
Gyogry Ligeti 28 May 1923-France
Haba Alois 21 June 1893-Czech
Frantisek Skroup 3 June 1801-Czech
Jan Vaclav Stamitz (Johann Wenzel) 19 June 1717-Czech
Romuald Twardowski 17 June 1930-Poland
Johann Georg Ahle 12 June 1651-Germany
Mehmet Aktug 30 May 1959-Turkey
Isaac Albèniz- 29 May 1860-Spain
Anatoly Alexandrov 25 May 1888-Russia
Franghiz Ali- Zadeh 28 May 1947-Baku
Birgitte Alsted 15 June 1942-Denmark
Louis Andriessen 6 June 1939- Netherlands
Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach 21 June 1732-Germany
Ernst Bacon 26 May 1898-USA
Livio Baldissera 17 June 1947-Venice
Alexandra Barkovskaya 25 May 1980-Belarus
Agustin Barrios Mangorè 23 May 1885-Paraguay
Robert Russell Bennett 15 June 1894-USA
Fred Jonny Berg 27 May 1973- Norway
Michael Berkeley 29 May 1948-England
Boris Berlin 27 May 1907-Russia
Charles Roland Berry 25 May 1957-Boston
Konrad Boehmer 24 May 1941- Berlin
William Bolcom 26 May 1938-USA
Willem Frederik Bon 15 June 1940-Netherlands
Anthony Bonello 15 June 1970-Malta
Antonio Maria Bononcini 18 June 1677- Italy
Francesco Antonio Bonporti 11 June 1672-Italy
Brenta Gaston 10 June 1902-Belgium
Emily Anna Bridges 29 May 1977-USA
Gregers Brinch 2 June 1964-Denmark
Colin Brumby 18 June 1933-Australia

2 commenti:

  1. Hi I'm Emily Anna Bridges. I am honored to be included in your list of "incredible humans," especially to be part of a list including so many of my favorite master composers. Thank you for this honor. I hope I continue to deliver incredible music!

  2. What a shocking surprise! The honour is mine. I shall look up your music as I favourite classical. Thank you Emily....Gemini kin.